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Helping Stroke Patients
Recover Successfully

We understand how difficult it can be for people to recover after a stroke. Patients typically experience some frustration as they find themselves unable to do certain things easily. Our team of caregivers supports stroke patients through the physical, mental, and emotional challenges they face while offering help with everyday tasks.
Group Home Living
When helping a new patient with their recovery, we use our years of experience to find the best way to keep people comfortable and support them on their journey.
Our Caregivers know what it takes to keep clients safe, calm, and optimistic all within the safety of their own home. By providing stroke patients with in-home care, we help boost the chances of a strong recovery and the best possible outcomes for their long-term health.
Some of the areas in which we help include:
  • Supporting mealtime and home care
  • Providing Safe and Reliable Transportation
  • Supporting Rehabilitation and Daily Activities
  • Assisting with Medications

How We Support Stroke Patients

Supporting Mealtime and Home Care

After a stroke, patients can experience difficulties chewing and swallowing their foods. Our Caregivers step in and support patient health by shopping, cooking, and serving them healthy meals. We work with each patient to find the best way to feed them while making sure they eat all their food. To support recovery efforts, we create consistent eating schedule and incorporate nutritious ingredients to provide much-needed strength to the mind and body. Our Caregivers help remove hazards from patient’s homes, help with laundry and keep the home clean.

Providing Safe and Reliable Transportation

Stroke patients face challenges with mobility and transportation during their recovery process. They need assistance in getting to their doctor’s office, support group meetings, and therapy sessions. Thankfully, our caregiving team has years of experience helping stroke patients keep track of their appointments and get to their various appointments. We work hard to support our patients with everyday errands and provide the best possible transport for their individual needs.

Supporting Rehabilitation and Daily Activities

Our in-home caregivers provide stroke patients support in carrying out various home activities, errands, and rehabilitation treatments. We help patients stick to their rehabilitation programs by providing reminders, encouragement, and supervision that helps ensure they stick with the plan. Our team also helps with daily activities such as bathing, grooming, dressing, and other personal care tasks they may find too difficult to do on their own. We understand how important it is to help while also supporting independence and patient dignity.

Assisting with Medications

Some stroke patients may need assistance when it comes to consistently managing their medication. With multiple prescriptions, it can be difficult to keep track of the various medications that need to be taken on a regular basis. Thankfully, our caregivers are highly experienced in this area and help remind patients to take their medication at the right time.

About Orchard Living View

Orchard Living View is a non-medical home care agency assisting seniors age in their own homes. Orchard Living View hires caregivers who are truly passionate about nurturing others, and who feel that caregiving is more than just a job. We work with clients that have chronic illness, Dementia, and Alzheimer’s. Our agency is trusted by doctors and hospitals throughout Wayne, Macomb, and Oakland County to provide caregivers that help clients adapt to their changing needs as they evolve.

Orchard Living View - Michigan
Orchard Living View - Michigan
Orchard Living View - Michigan
Orchard Living View - Michigan