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Orchard Living View

Our Care Comes First

At Orchard Living View we make it a priority to work hard in all we do to ensure our clients always receive the best possible care, attention, and assistance. We are passionate about fulfilling the needs of all those we serve. We support our team of Caregivers in improving the quality of life of all clients and assisting them in remaining independent while living at home or in our care with compassion and empathy. Our team works diligently to bring assisted living home so our clients can maintain a sense of security, autonomy, and safety every day in all they do.
A tight knit and local Michigan care agency, Orchard Living View provides a professional, reliable team of Caregivers for clients to choose from - who are determined to keep you and your loved one satisfied. Read our testimonials
Orchard Living View - Michigan

Group Home Living

Home-Like Setting

Full continuum of professional care with on-site services and living options in a family-like setting.

Orchard Living View - Michigan

Semi Independent Care

Affordable Options

Relationship-based care which can be transitional to prepare for next care home and services.

Orchard Living View - Michigan

Individual Care

Quality Care

Great patient satisfaction where health and illness concerns are heightened and require personalization.

Highly Involved Staff

Our Caregivers and our support members are highly involved to ensure our clients are properly cared for. Every member of the team is kept aware of any changes so we can all be of assistance when necessary. Together we share a strong communication channel. All Orchard Living View Caregivers maintain a daily log of information on the wellbeing and conditions of a client.
Every Orchard Living View client gets the attention and strong communication they deserve from our Caregivers and office staff alike. Any changes reported to the office staff are attended to immediately.
Regardless of situation, we maintain the highest level of communication to keep everyone in the client’s family effectively informed and current. It takes multiple team members to care for someone and it requires a communicative office like ours to make this effective for you and the client.

Rigorously Screened, High-Quality Caregivers

We interview several people who want to be a Caregiver at Orchard Living View. However, only a handful are uniquely qualified to join our team. We constantly screen new Caregivers to maintain the staff required to readily care for new clients who need assistance.
All Caregivers Are
  • registered with the state of Michigan
  • experienced paid caregivers with checkable references
  • interviewed in person, and screened for their skill set so they can be sent to the right clients
  • interviewed and evaluated for their personal values and must match the values of Orchard Living View
  • evaluated for their personality strengths to be matched with the right clients
  • currently TB tested
  • CPR certified
  • background screened
We will always let a family choose a Caregiver that they feel will fit best with their family. Choice is important, and we want our clients to be able to have Caregiver options when using our agency. Read our testimonials

Competitive Rates

By running the business efficiently and without any franchise costs, we can keep our rates competitive while providing above average quality care. You will work directly with the owners of Orchard Living View to ensure the highest level of care your loved one deserves. We are always available to be of service.

Neighborhood Michigan Agency

We have been in business for over 15 years and understand how to place people in the homes of high profile and well cared for clients. We are a local and serve Wayne, Macomb, and Oakland County. Read more about us

Holistic and Compassionate Approach

Orchard Living View prioritizes the physical, mental, and emotional state of our clients. We consider their individual needs and apply a holistic and compassionate approach when working with them. We care deeply about our clients and treat each of them like family.
Our Caregivers love their career, and work in this field because they are passionate about helping others. They are extraordinarily compassionate and form deep connections with the clients and their family. Our Caregivers are more than just someone who tends to a client in need. Our Caregivers are companions for life.
The holistic approach at Orchard Living View means our Caregivers engage them in their daily life through conversation, games, outings, exercise and more to make their days more enjoyable. We constantly seek out new approaches to care and implement those which prove to be most effective. Orchard Living View chooses Caregivers who are well rounded with an understanding of nutrition, exercise, personal growth, and empathy.
Orchard Living View prides itself on being a neighborhood Michigan agency. We offer a personal touch by having Caregivers who live in or near your neighborhood for a better understanding of your needs. Read more about us

Help your loved one find quality care.

Whether you are looking for in-home care or assisted living care, Orchard Living View has solutions that are safe and comforting.

A Word From A Client | Read More

The caregivers are excellent. I think keeping my wife alive and well is the most important thing I can do. Having Orchard Living View to depend on has made this possible.

Charles M., Dearborn, Michigan